Become A Registrar

Registrars will be officially accredited after fulfilling the legal and technical requirement of the ssNIC registry, the they will sign a contract with the Registry, set up a financial account, and prove their technical ability to interact with the registry system.

Each registrar will use the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) client to connect to the .SS registry database.

The registry uses CoCCA Shared Registry Software to maintain its database.

To become accredited you must submit an official application letter addressed to the Director General, National Communication Authority (NCA) expressing your interest to become an accredited .ss registrar.

Kindly attach with your application letter the following:

  • Copy of Company incorporation Certificate
  • Company Profile
  • Physical Address
  • Technical and administrative contacts details

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The .ss name space is highly provides the opportunity for every name in South Sudan to have its unique Online Identity.

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